ADM Website Rebuild

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A way to track, display, and update large amounts of content rooted in America’s agricultural marketplace.

The Client

DKY (Agency)

ADM Advantage (End Client)

The Challenge

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) is a fortune 500 food processing and commodities trading corporation. They rely on their website to help farmers and growers run a profitable business by keeping tabs on the ever changing grain market. Because their website required regular complex content updates, but wasn’t supported to automate the updating process, ADM was unnecessarily exhausting their website maintenance budget. Additionally, their weekly pdf-based eNewsletter quickly became outdated because the two workflows were not integrated.

DKY, the agency representative for ADM, needed to find a cost savings solution that could automate the content update process, improve the relevance of newsletters by connecting it to live content, and provide a more interactive, user-friendly experience for their primary audience — farmers.

Asset 1
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The Solution

Challenges included identifying which data points across different charts needed to be regularly updated to show trends, making the back end data management process more user-friendly, and allowing for large amounts of data to be updated all at once.  Ultimately, fjorge needed to find a way to leverage the functionality of spreadsheets instead of individual admin fields.

Features & Services:

  • WordPress Site Migration from Sitefinity
  • Custom User Permissions
  • Single click CSV Import/Export functionality
  • Interactive Data Charts
  • Modular and Flexible Layouts
  • Advanced Custom Fields flexible content
  • Website Deployment and Ongoing Maintenance

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