Honour Essentials Online Retail Store

We elevated Honour Essential’s eCommerce potential with custom Shopify development and solutions architecture 

The Client

Knock Inc (Agency)

Honour Essentials (End Client)

The Challenge

Honour Essentials is a startup eCommerce company that enhances the “morning ritual” through high quality products. Their former website was not generating the sales needed to sustain their business or represent their true brand. The former store was an out-of-the-box free open source themed website.

Honour Essential wanted to automate the purchasing process for products such as razors, shaving cream, coffee and tea by offering subscriptions, which could not be accomplished through their existing eCommerce website. Their new modern-yet-edgy designs required an interactive experience that would appeal to their millennial core audience. Parallax and a dynamic shopping cart were important parts of that experience.

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honour screen
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Asset 5

The solution

The challenge was being able to customize the subscription process with a multi-step configuration for an individual’s “morning ritual”. To accommodate the custom design, fjorge needed to also customize an “out of the box” plugin functionality for the subscription process. Though the client had an idea for what they wanted to do, fjorge found an alternative solution that more effectively achieved the desired end results.

  • Solutions Architecture
  • Design + UX Consultation
  • Shopify eCommerce custom theming development
  • Parallax scroll throughout the site
  • Scroll triggered custom feature animations
  • Dynamic shopping cart and add-to-card feature

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