Kradle Online Retail Store

The Client

Coolhouse Botanics (End Client)

The Challenge

Coolhouse Botanics came to fjorge for support in developing an eCommerce destination for a new line of product – Kradle, a CBD calming solution for dogs. Being in its early stages as a company, Coolhouse looked to fjorge for guidance so they could launch with a strong web presence in the cluttered CBD market.

Kradle, being a CBD brand, required heavy business analysis and research on CBD regulations to identify the best technologies for the site’s needs now, and in the future.

The ultimate goal was to make sure consumers land on the right CBD product for their dogs’ needs.

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The Solution

Fjorge consulted with Coolhouse on full end-to-end solutions which included Solutions Architecture, UX / UI consulting, development consulting, theme development, and custom Shopify app development. Fjorge also worked with a Coolhouse Agency partner on designs.

With budget and scope in mind, Coolhouse and fjorge decided to build the site on Shopify. To create a unique brand image that eclipses their competition, fjorge’s development team created a custom Shopify theme using Shopify’s template language, Liquid. Then, to increase interactivity with customers, fjorge’s Solutions Architects and development team built a quiz within a custom Shopify app using Node.js, React, and the Shopify Polaris component library.

fjorge and Coolhouse were able to build a quiz that used custom result logic. This directed the consumer to the right Kradle product based on their pets’ needs, essentially giving their dogs a voice in deciding which products and links were suggested. Fjorge also built a custom dashboard so they could see consumers’ responses in order to formulate an appropriate growth strategy. Through careful project management, fjorge was able to stay on top of deadlines and create an eCommerce site with a strong web presence.

Features & Services:

  • Solutions Architecture
  • UX / UI Consulting
  • eCommerce/Front End Development
  • Custom App Development (Shopify)
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