Prime Therapeutics

The Challenge

Prime Therapeutics came to fjorge with a corporate website that utilized Adobe Experience Manager. This platform was not user friendly and caused roadblocks when trying to publish and update content. As a leader in the pharmacy benefit management (PGM) arena, it was crucial that they had the ability to give fresh research, resources, and industry insight to their members.

Through a few rounds of stakeholder interviews with various departments at Prime, fjorge was able to collect crucial information on pain points, business goals, and user needs. During the discovery phase, fjorge uncovered three primary concerns:

1. Content management was cumbersome and limiting

2. Primary user groups didn’t have a personalized experience, allowing high bounce rates

3. Their website, particularly the Careers and Resources sections, were lacking interactivity and engagement

The Solution

After stakeholder interviews, the UX / UI Designer and Solution Architect at fjorge continued the discovery phase by reviewing Adobe Analytics, Customer Journey Mapping, conducting Feature Prioritization activities and taking a deep dive into existing integrations, and branding. 

fjorge’s technical solution was to move from Adobe Experience Manager and into a WordPress build that would allow them optimal freedom in content management while designing a custom web experience targeted directly to their users.

Because Prime Therapeutics is in the medical space, a site that was ADA-compliant was top of mind. The UX / UI Designer collaborated with the Prime Therapuetics design team every step of the way, ensuring ADA was implemented, while their brand voice was cohesive with their other digital properties.

With Prime Therapeutics various target audiences: Employers, Consultants, and Health Plans, we knew that creating a personalized experience for those audiences would drive both engagement and retention. We put them at the forefront of our designs, from the navigation to the guided search feature, where users can select who they are and be guided toward what they are looking for. 

In order to drive engagement towards Careers, we implemented a “Success Profile” for each position, which would animate as the user clicks through traits such as “integrity” and “trust”. Additionally, it was important that users could navigate to other secondary areas of interest. Through information architecture activities, we discovered that users who are interested in working at Prime Therapeutics, were likely to want to read the latest and greatest news articles. It was important that we incorporated fresh content in various user flows in order to avoid any dead ends that may result in drop rates.

While improvements in the technical and design space allow more freedom for stakeholders, and more engagement from users, the project proves to be a great example of when the right stakeholders and development team come together in lockstep.

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Hear from the CEO

What a fabulous effort and outcome! The thing that stands out to me most is that you have captured the culture of Prime. The look and feel is also much more interactive and modern. Two important messages as we work through our journey from good to great.

Kenneth Paulus, President and CEO Prime Therapeutics

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