Setting Scoliosis Straight Web App

The Challenge

Setting Scoliosis Straight came to fjorge to rebuild a digital system for spine physicians participating in studies and quality improvement programs in order to advance spinal deformity treatments. Their existing process was currently built across multiple database systems, causing it to be unscalable. Setting Scoliosis Straight needed one system that could grow alongside the organization. They needed a single database that they could rely on to give them the tools needed to connect physicians and their data. Specifically, they needed a way to collect rolling amounts of data through specific forms for designated points in time for patients’ journey & treatment.

setting scoliosis straight mockup

The Solution

With the help of our Solutions Architecture team, we were able to get Setting Scoliosis Straight the features they needed while keeping a close eye on budget. Through vast amounts of internal research, fjorge was able to recommend and implement Survey JS and Tableau. These solutions were budget-friendly, as opposed to custom-coding a survey tool.

Fjorge built Setting Scoliosis Straight a platform where physicians, as well as nurses and other hospital administrative staff, could report their data to the site, as well as add comments and errors for Quality Assurance (QA). The platform also contains an admin QA portion, different user types, permission levels, and ways to segment everything based on specific entities in the application. They are now also able to customize access and visibility of data. Setting Scoliosis Straight now has all the tools they need under one site which will allow them to easily scale as their business grows.

Features & Services:

  • UX / UI Design
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Front end & Back end development
  • .NET core API w/stand alone react front end

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