Viverant Physical Therapy

The Challenge:

Viverant Physical Therapy,  a team of licensed physical therapists and movement experts, came to fjorge for a new site to match the look and feel of their physical locations. Viverant’s initial site made it hard for customers to find what they were looking for. Additionally, their services were unclear, and the overall look and feel of the site did not match the bright rebrand of their physical locations. They needed a colorful site that could showcase their brand in a compelling, and intuitive way.

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The Solution:

Working with Viverant, our UX/UI team was able to re-do their site map using Flomap. Our team also used information architecture and rebuilt Viverant’s site in a way that spoke directly to their target personas. Using Figma, our designers were able to make Viverant’s new site bold and colorful to match their physical locations. As a result, their current site is now vibrant,  user-friendly, and showcases Viverant’s brand effectively.

Features and Services:

  • Discovery
  •  SA
  •  Front-end
  • Backend
  •  UX/UI

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