Getting excited for WordPress 3.0

April 8, 2010

I’m going to just come out right away and say I am not a big fan of WordPress MU. There seems to always be plugin compatibility issues and getting multiple real top level domains to work on one system is troublesome to say the least.

But when I heard in the upcoming WordPress 3.0 release MU will be merged with that of a single blog install, I got goosebumps to the point where my arm said “Thank you Matt Mullenweg” in braille. I am pumped to know all plugins will be for one platform now and even better all questions and support will be found in 1 forum! I hated having a problem in MU since the MU community is so much smaller but hopefully that will bind with From the sounds of it we may still have to custom map domains which is a bummer but it may turn out to be easier to do.

Other features announced include better menu system and you will be able to choose a username right from the install. Goodbye “admin”!

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