My Most Used WordPress Plugins of 2012

December 30, 2012

Not really an interesting post, but I suppose I may just document the plugins I use on basically everything.  It may as well be a custom intallation just for me with all these plugin preinstalled since I’m just going to end up doing it anyways.

1. Custom Post Type UI
This year was a gamechanger in how I set up my wordpress sites. The ability to divide up the content based on type was the best invention ever.  Now there are separate areas for a user to enter a specific type of data instead of having it lost in the Pages abyss.

2. Advanced Custom Fields
an easy way to have certain field appear on certain pages.  Increases relevancy and usabiliy.

3. Custom Field Matrix
For those special fields that you don’t know how many you need.  I mainly use this to make dynamic sliders. I think of it as a post within a post where you can have as many as you need and the columns are your content fields of that item.

4. Login With Ajax
This is a nice way to override the wordpress default login page with one of my own.

5. Formidable
This plugin handles basically ALL my forms. I like that it stores the form submission in the backend for eternal reference.

6. Configure SMTP
Need a way to send the emails on production, this does the job.

7. Grid Columns
It’s an easy way to teach client how to style their own content is the posts need to be in multiple columns without making a mess of new fields.

8. WordPress SEO by yoast
Best SEO plugin I’ve worked with…

Now let’s see what 2013 brings, should be exciting!

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