Replacing the Hard Disk on a Mac Mini

I was thinking about doing this until I saw how involved it was.  My Mac Mini has 160 GB of storage, which is not even close to enough.  I am confident I would succeed in the upgrade, but considering the drive is a 2.5 inch drive anyway, the cost to benefit ratio just isn’t there.  I think instead I’ll look for some good network attached storage.

Time Machine Backup to a Network Drive

I just set up Time Machine to backup to a network drive.  It was surprisingly easy to do.  As simple as creating a disk image in disk utility and telling time machine where to find it.  I followed this tutorial.

The part that got me was naming the image.  I missed that part and didn’t put my MAC address as the name:  ComputerName_MACAddress.sparesebundle

Now I just have to get ghost to do the same thing for my Vista machine.