Why Website Maintenance is a key component of your Digital Strategy

June 10, 2016

Whether you’re engaging in paid search, display advertising, or drip email campaigns, your goal is to drive traffic to your website. You worked hard on your website, and while it is built well, it still requires ongoing maintenance. Website maintenance is necessary to make sure your visitors are always having pleasant online experiences when they navigate to your site.

Benefits SEO:

The ultimate goal of search engines is to answer users’ inquiries by referring them to websites with content relevant to what they are searching for, and several technical aspects are used to evaluate the strength of websites. Content managed websites require regular attention and software updates to make sure they are running quickly and reliably, as well as keep them secure. Google will reward a fast, reliable, and secure website in their rankings. By ensuring that the technical aspects of your website are up to speed, your site will maximize its visibility in search rankings.

Prevents Hacks:

The process of reacting to problems instead of preventing them can be a thing of the past with regular website maintenance. Ongoing maintenance helps to identify threats before they happen, which ensures that your visitors are able to interact with your site whenever and wherever they want. Testing and implementing regular software updates, scanning for malware, and performing regular backups keep your website secure from hackers. Search engines can identify when a site gets hacked, and a website hacked just once receives negative long-term penalties for search visibility. In some cases, a website can even be fully eliminated from all online search rankings as a result of repeated hacking. Thousands of websites are hacked every day; don’t let it happen to you.

Keeps Visitors Interested and Coming Back:

We’ve all visited slow and spammy websites before, and it is frustrating. One bad experience often times winds up being the last interaction a user ever has with a website. Regular website maintenance makes for a pleasant experience once visitors navigate to your website, which encourages them to stay there longer periods of time. Having a fast, reliable, and secure website provides your visitors with the content they are looking for in an effective and efficient way to keep them coming back.

Website maintenance takes knowledge, time, and energy. Luckily for you, fjorge knows exactly how to keep websites up and running. From hosting to software updates to backups, fjorge’s knowledgeable and experienced staff will do whatever it takes to keep your website strong for years to come.

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