Welcome to Mind Your Own Marketing Business

Welcome to Mind Your Own Marketing Business; we’re excited to have you scheduled as a guest! Please fill out the form below in its entirety to help all of us prepare for the show. Read through all of the fields before beginning as you may need to spend a few minutes researching a relevant news article.

A few things to note about the podcast:

  • Shows length:  20-25 minutes  (interview time is scheduled for 1 hour)
  • Show host:  Joe Barsness
  • The show will be recorded through tryca.st and will be audio only
  • Shows are split up into three segments:  1) questions about your experiences, 2) questions related to your expertise, 3) discussions about recent marketing or advertising news
  • Where interview will air:  fjorge.com/insights/podcasts
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Please email joe.barsness@fjorge.com with any questions about the date or time of your appearance.

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