About Us Bring your experience to this team.

We are a team of digital natives that puts creating great experiences at the heart of everything we do. We’re wired this way as a team because we’re wired this way as humans. 

Experience is how we best learn, share and benefit. Whether that means making everyone feel welcome, building something that’s simple to use, or reacting as one to our next challenge.

Meet Our Team


Solve business challenges by building and maintaining web and mobile solutions.




In 2004, freelance developer Tim Barsness’s clients brought him more work than he could handle. 

So he asked fellow developers to join him. And in 2014, the fast-growing company became fjorge.

“fjorge” is a mashup between “fjord” that respectfully nods to Tim’s Norwegian heritage and “forge” where diverse elements are melted to create something entirely new.

Today, fjorge is a haven for developers on two continents. 

Together, we’re a passionate culture of learners, teachers, producers, problem-solvers, strategists, and amateur table tennis aficionados. 

We work in many technologies and are inclusive in everything we do.


Ready for a great job experience? We offer a fun, collaborative environment with diverse projects, great benefits, healthy work-life balance, and professional development opportunities.


They’re very flexible, adaptable, and solutions-oriented, and they make great partners.

Kelsey Lundberg, Digital Producer broadhead