Let’s (re)Build Something Great, Together


While we listen to the situation and environment that caused damage to small businesses and property in our community, we are hopeful our cities can rebuild into something better. As members of the business community here in the Twin Cities, we are stepping forward to support community healing and growth through economic and digital empowerment.

Our goal here is not to sell anything to the organizations we are donating development services to. We are open to discussing how to work together beyond the initial free e-commerce development, but our main priority here is donating our time to support digital empowerment for as many impacted organizations as possible.


What & How

Members of our team have volunteered to donate their expertise to helping affected businesses get online with an e-commerce site (Shopify).We aren’t skilled to rebuild buildings, but what we can do is create some e-commerce sites for the affected local businesses that depended on their physical store presence to operate.

If your business was damaged and would benefit from an online e-commerce presence, apply below to help get started with Shopify. We’ll help you:

  • Set up your Shopify e-commerce store
  • Use the Express theme from Shopify and customize it to your brand
  • Help you add your products (or donation functionality for non-profits) to your site
  • Assist you as you go on your way!

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What is Shopify?

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About Us

Meet the Team

Some fine print

While our development work and assistance efforts in this program are FREE, e-commerce does inherently come with some prices. fjorge will cover the “Basic Shopify” plan cost for 90 days on the first 10 qualifying submissions.

If you choose to keep your store longer than 90 days, please see the pricing plans available at shopify.com/pricing.

You can also check out available assistance resources at shopify.com/covid19


Website Application

Fill out the form below and we will respond as soon as we can – This is a passionate team of developers volunteering after hours, and we’re committed to helping as much as we can.

Let’s (re)Build Something Great, Together

Qualification Guidelines

  1. Local Minneapolis – St. Paul organization
  2. Storefront is inaccessible due to recent events
  3. Submission deadline: July 1st, 2020


Community Aid

Don’t just accept difference — celebrate it

fjorge is an equal opportunity employer, not because we have to be, but because we want to be.

In 2018 we made the MN Tech Diversity Pledge to be more inclusive than ever before. We provide equal access to, and opportunity within, our programs, facilities, and employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, sexual orientation or the big one… preferred coding language.

Our work is diverse too! Because we work with a variety of agencies and internal marketing teams across all industries, our work is always different, with new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. We hope you’ll grow with us!