Constructing a Facebook Protocol page link.

March 16, 2013

So in my last blog post “Mobile app protocols. Open from your mobile Safari!” I talked about how to construct protocol links for apps. You can essentially link to a Facebook page that will open in your Facebook app.

Upon testing and playing with it I also noticed that the twitter:// protocol opened twitter on my Macbook desktop. I installed the app, so that was especially fun and interesting to play with.

One thing I want to walk through is how to construct your Facebook Protocol page link. Facebook has a very specific schema for it’s protocols and it’s not as straight forward as Twitter is.

First element is of course fb://

Now we need to find the user id of the Facebook page:

  1. Go to the Facebook page.
  2. Update the url to say something like page you are on)
  3. You will notice that this just takes you to a page with a bunch of data.
  4. Look for the “id” data set. Thats your data.

Ok so now that we have that, simply construct “fb://profile/(your id)”.

You will be all set to trigger mayhem across the board.

I feel this post is useful because you cannot always find your Facebook Profile Id.

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