Using sys_get_temp_dir() in PHP < 5.2.1

December 30, 2009

I wanted to use the PHPExcel package on my Debian system running 5.2.0, however PHPExcel 1.7.1 requires the sys_get_temp_dir() function which doesn’t exist prior to PHP 5.2.1.  Of course aside from updating PHP, we would need to replicate the functionality of sys_get_temp_dir().  This gem in the comments on the function provides a workaround.

if ( !function_exists('sys_get_temp_dir'))
	function sys_get_temp_dir()
		if( $temp=getenv('TMP') )        return $temp;
		if( $temp=getenv('TEMP') )        return $temp;
		if( $temp=getenv('TMPDIR') )    return $temp;
		if (file_exists($temp))
			return dirname($temp);
		return null;

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