The Challenge

Shade Family Ventures (SFV) launched a start-up brand, Bredwell, after identifying an opportunity in the dog food market to offer higher quality meals. Backed by scientific research and fresh ingredients, the meal kits are available to purchase online and at the Bredwell brick and mortar store. SFV needed a solution that could intake each dog’s information and behaviors and then translate those data points into a meal recommendation based on the Bredwell formula. The system needed to track inventory and lot dates of the individual ingredients, inform the kitchen which ingredients and how much were required per order, accurately generate Bredwell’s product labels and weights for individual meal kits while accounting for FDA requirements, and enable customers to purchase the meal kits both online and in-store based on a single data source so that the meals could be made fresh to order in the Bredwell kitchen.

The Solution

Shade Family Ventures engaged with fjorge to build out an eCommerce experience for Bredwell. This was done by using an omni-channel sales approach including in-store POS, online subscriptions, and social media. Bredwell needed to drive sales from multiple origin points to the same back-office. By implementing Shopify Plus alongside Katana MRP, fjorge enabled the Bredwell team to manage their business from a single location. Within the Shopify Plus instance, we developed a custom Shopify App (plugin) that allowed customers to create meal kits for their dogs using the custom designed meal recommendation quiz to generate product recommendations. Customers are also able to order meals on a subscription basis which allows for a more user friendly experience. To meet FDA requirements, each meal kit needed a detailed product label including the ingredients and weight. fjorge created an admin tool to aggregate relevant order data to be sure that the product labels included necessary information to fulfill FDA requirements.

Features and Services

  • Project Management
  • Website development 
  • Application development 
  • Solution Architecture 
  • UX Design 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Shopify Plus
  • Shopify App
  • MRP Configuration
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