Little (Agency)

Piper Sandler (End Client)

The Challenge

Piper Sandler through their agency, Little, came to fjorge with a goal of rebuilding their corporate marketing website to provide stronger content management with a modern look and feel. The website lacked flexibility and fluidity and didn’t allow marketing personnel to easily manage content. They also lacked modern compliance features like content archiving and accessibility. By working collaboratively with Little and Piper Sandler, fjorge helped address these issues.

The Solution

This digital transformation included updating and modernizing the visual communication. In addition, fjorge helped them meet accessibility and security requirements, integrated custom data sources, while also empowering the marketing team to manage content themselves.

By using Drupal 9, fjorge created a dynamic content management system to enable non-technical users to confidently make updates. This allowed for centralized updates and made it easier for their marketing team to edit. Due to Piper Sandler’s large volume of content, Drupal 9 was the optimal choice. It allowed for the creation of a single post of content to be used in multiple places, featured transactions that the previous site didn’t have, captured team profiles and improved overall UX and navigation. Fjorge also worked with Piper Sandler’s security and compliance teams to ensure new functionality met their business needs.

Additional customized API integrations included the following: 

  • Content page archiving for financial regulations
  • Stock prices
  • Press releases
  • SEC filings
  • CRM integrations for form-fill leads and newsletters
  • Google Maps integration to display international office locations
  • Displaying integration data
    • Created a system that could handle various data types with consistency of layout and UX
  • Security: 3rd-party penetration testing and remediation

Features and Services

  • Solution Architecture
  • Project Management 
  • Front End Development 
  • Back End Development
    • API Integration 
  • Quality Assurance
  • Web Accessibility
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