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Our custom software app development helps companies build applications that helps fuel their growth ambitions 

Wish you had an app for that?

fjorge can help make your client’s business more efficient and modern through custom application development for mobile and web devices of all sizes: smartphones, tablets, and touch screen displays for both iOS and Android.

If you have an existing app that isn’t functioning as intended, we can also take over a partially finished or outdated projects and transform them. Our ability in integrate frameworks, databases and languages enables us to address a variety of complex problems.

Apps cost a lot of money to build and maintain. We’ll estimate those costs with you and build in an agile way that saves money, while releasing the most important features and updates first.

We also provide App Managed Services that allow for regular bug releases, and can develop a roadmap with you for launching future versions.

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Already Have an App for That?

If you already have a live Web App or Mobile App, our App Managed Service team can help you roadmap the future of your application so that it not only stays current with the latest technologies and security standards, it grows with your business!

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