Expertise Replatforming Xamarin with Flutter: A Comprehensive Guide


At fjorge, we create software that promotes growth, reduces friction and increases customer satisfaction. We do this using best practices for integrating technology via our agile development approach.

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As of May 2024, Xamarin will no longer be supported by Microsoft. This change has left many developers seeking out solutions for their Xamarin projects. Fjorge has three options that can be considered.

  1. Do nothing (riskiest option)
  2. Migrate the app from Xamarin to Microsoft’s new platform, .NET MAUI
  3. Rebuild the app with Flutter

Read our blog on Replatforming from Xamarin to Flutter to find out why we believe Flutter is the best choice for your replatforming journey.

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Our process and why it works every time

The fjorge Way is how we approach custom software development. It begins with problem definition through discovery, and gaining clarity of a shared vision; shared not only between the client and fjorge, but shared vision among every member of both teams. The delivery cycle is rooted in agile framework of sprints and releases. 

The fjorge way prioritizes the most complicated tasks that hold the most risk in keeping a project on budget and on time. We tackle those first, which brings even more clarity to achieving the shared vision. Unlike other firms, fjorge commits to its work for the long haul and offers ongoing support through our managed services plans. 




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Andy Gardner Principal, Corporate Communications Prime Therapeutics

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