10 Things to Do to Accelerate Onboarding a Software Engineer To Your Team

June 20, 2023

Onboarding a software engineer is your opportunity to make a first impression on both the engineer and on there team, so it serves us to make sure it is taken seriously and completed thoroughly.  It’s important to onboard the software engineer to their work and the company culture.   While doing so, be sure to make sure they feel comfortable.  This list outlines 10 things to make sure you accomplish in the onboarding process.

  1. Make sure you tell them ahead of time what to do when they arrive.
  2. Introduce them to the team.  Break the ice.
  3. Conduct a welcome lunch.  It’s important to make sure they have someone to eat with on their first day.  I’d recommend their entire team.
  4. Show the software engineer around the office.  Make sure they know where the bathrooms, kitchen, elevators and fridge are.
  5. Provide the software engineer access to the tools they’ll need to do their job.  It’s important to make them feel equipped when they arrive.
  6. Make sure they understand when and how they will be paid.
  7. Help them set up their development environment.  Ideally this is completed prior to arrival so they don’t have to spend time doing it on their first day.
  8. Give them an overview of the work.
  9. Give them a small task they can complete.  It helps to give people a win on their first day.
  10. Schedule follow-up meetings so the engineer knows they are supported.

It’s important to note that first days are always overwhelming.  I recommend the “less is more” approach when onboarding a new software engineer.  Share with them all of the information they’ll need to comfortably get through the first day, but nothing more.  We want to make sure they retain the information they need.  Follow up later with additional information and resources.

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