14 Figma Plugins for Designers

July 20, 2021

Streamline your design workflow by incorporating these Figma plugins to keep you organized by allowing you to stay directly in your design file. From accessibility to developer handoff, we’ve compiled some of our most loved Figma plugins this year.



A11y helps ensure you meet WCAG’s AA or AAA level compliance on color contrast by showing how many errors are found within a frame. It also provides color sliders that make real-time adjustments to your design in order to pass compliance.


Material Design Icons

Streamline any Material Design project with the Material Design Icons plugin that includes 27,000 icons available in both PNG and SVG. The icon library is searchable and filterable, allowing you to choose various styles between filled, outlined, rounded, etc.

Feather Icons

Add well-made, simple icons to your project with Feather Icons. The library holds 270 free icons that all have the same cohesive weight and styling.

Font Awesome Icons

Easily access the Font Awesome library with this plugin that allows you to search icons by name. Icons are in vector format, allowing you to quickly update icons to match brand colors.

Images & Illustrations


Create more efficiencies by sourcing images (for commercial or personal use) directly from your design file. The Unsplash plugin allows you to quickly search for images, while never having to leave your tab to download a file.


With the Blush plugin, you to quickly customize illustrations from a variety of open-source collections. All the illustrations are “mixable”, so you can build a unique illustration and tailor the color to fit within a brand.


Content Reel

Browse and pull content like text strings, images, avatars, and icons directly from the content Reel palette into your designs. Content Reel helps streamline your workflow by easily adding placeholder names, email addresses, dates, addresses, user aliases into your designs. It’s also collaborative, so if you can’t find a piece of content that you and your team commonly use, it’s easy to add! You can keep your contributions public or private.

Lorem Ipsum

One of our top used plugins, Lorem Ipsum allows you to select a text layer, enter a sentence value, and the plugin automatically adds the placeholder text into your layer.


Similar in functionality to the Lorem Ipsum plugin, Truncate allows you to shorten text strings by letter or word count. Select a text layer, enter a value, and the plugin will automatically do the rest.

Organization & Time Management

Super Tidy

Super Tidy is a quick and snappy way to organize your pages by realigning, renaming, and reordering base on frame position, to a grid size of your choice. The plugin will rename and reorder your frames in the layers panel.


If you’re a checklist person, you might enjoy Todo. This simple plugin enables you to add, check, and delete items. Collaboration with your team is also possible, as it works across users with edit rights, updating quickly with each change.

Find / Focus

Quickly search for layers in your design file with Find / Focus. We’ve found it specifically useful for robust files with many frames and layers. It also has the capability to use regex and be case-sensitive.



Animate directly in your Figma designs, taking out the need to recreate elements in another software. Handoff to developers is made simple as it’s built with web technologies in mind.

Developer Handoff


The Redlines plugin helps create efficiencies and accuracies surrounding developer handoff. The toolkit allows you to create redlines of any selected element, quickly measuring and plotting dimensions (in the unit of your choice).

Added bonus: Redlines become hidden in presentation mode!


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