6 WordPress Issues (and what to do about them)

August 24, 2015

Wordpress Sucks LogoThere are plenty of technology bigots out there pointing out the numerous WordPress issues.  This article outlines a few common misconceptions around wordpress issues by pointing out how they are misguided, misinformed or just plain wrong.

WordPress Issue #1:  It’s Painfully Slow

It’s true, content management systems like WordPress that store their content in a database take longer to retrieve that content.  With the advent of tools like Google Page Speed and the way search engines think about content, it is imporant to make sure your content loads fast in order to have a positive user experience and rank well in search engines.

It’s important to note that while it is true that WordPress loads its content from a database, so do most content management systems.  What really matters isn’t that you store your content in a database, but that you have a better way of retrieving it:

WordPress Issue Resolution:  Use caching.  There are plenty of caching plugins; many of them are extremely advanced.  Not requiring every page load to be dynamic for static content will save you load time and system resources.


WordPress Issue #2:  Wordpress is a Malware Magnet

The popularity of WordPress certainly comes with its own set of issues.  Similar to how Apple computer users feel safe from viruses because they aren’t a large enough target, other content management systems feel safe becasue they aren’t large enough targets.  This causes WordPress to be the target of choice for breaching websites.

But, it doesn’t have to be so.  Wordpress can be set up and maintained to be safe and reliable.  Taking simple steps like using secure passwords and keeping your codebase up to date go a long way to keeping you safe.

WordPress Issue Resolution:  Keep your site up to date.

WordPress Issue #3:  Wordpress is Not SEO Friendly

It’s been said that WordPress is no longer good for SEO becuase it doesn’t differentiate your website from any other.  It’s important to distinguish what WordPress is an what it isn’t when looking at this issue.  Wordpress is a way to store and manage your content.  It’s not a platform to magically make you rank first for any term you like.  Having good quality content is what will make you rank first for desired terms.

WordPress Issue Resolution:  Don’t make WordPress out to be something it isn’t.  Write good content and use WordPress to store it.


WordPress Issue #4: All WordPress Websites Look the Same

Not all WordPress websites look the same.  This misconception comes from using the WordPress default theme or other common themes on the web.  However, there is plenty of room to be innovative on the WordPress platform.  There are no limitations within WordPress itself that make your website look or function a certain way.  It just takes a little effort.

WordPress Issue Resolution: Build a custom theme with your own look and feel.  Use WordPress as a tool to store your content, not as a replacement for a web developer.


WordPress Issue #5: WordPress Can Turn Into a Plugin Nightmare

This is true.  Using too many plugins or the wrong plugins can lead to a bit of a mess.  It’s important to set your websites up for success.  Know your goal going into your project, use plugins to add the functionality needed without overdoing it, and stay on top of your wordpress maintenance.

Being willing to help clients can often lead to more productive relationships than setting up a website and ignoring it until then next time a build is needed.  Build your websites and your client relationships for longevity.

WordPress Issue Resolution: Have a plan and be thoughtful about which plugins you add to your site.


WordPress Issue #6: Content Management Doesn’t Scale Well in WordPress

It used to be the case that finding content in the WordPress admin panel was one of the biggest issues with WordPress.  There have been numerous changes to the WordPress admin panel in recent years that make managing large amounts of content easier: custom post types and post views organize related content so you don’t have to store all of your content in a single list.

Further, WordPress’s user friendly nature allows more content creation than ever before.  Getting more users involved in building content is an important part of making your website scale.  Wordpress’s straight forward administration mode allows this to be truth.

WordPress Issue Resolution: Make sure you know WordPress’s current feature set.

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