7 Reasons to Love Formidable Pro

July 30, 2012

Our team has been using Formidable Pro since we bought a license a month ago. Formidable has taken the load off us as far as user input goes on WordPress websites. We’re using it for anything from basic contact forms to collecting user data. Using formidable is a three-step process:

  1. Create Forms
  2. Manage Submissions
  3. Display Content
We mainly use formidable to create, collect and send information on contact forms.  Here’s why we love it:
  1. Visually create forms – Drag and drop interface allows quick form management and clean
  2. Create form templates – Form templates eliminate duplicate work.  Create form templates and export to other formidable installations.
  3. Store all data for later review – Store form submission information for later access.  Database entries are automatically created.
  4. Send form data by email – Easily send information or notification by email.  Uses WordPress’s email configuration to send nicely formatted emails.
  5. Easily create reports – Report to your heart’s content on data that formidable has collected.  Use default reports or create your own.
  6. Create custom form displays – Custom form displays allow the same form tobe displayed differently in different locations.
  7. Complete creative form control 
At $97 you can’t go wrong.  Buy formidable today.

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