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June 29, 2020

fjorge has done a lot of growing in the last few years. As our staff size has increased, the list of services we can provide has also expanded. We are excited to announce that we now offer end-to-end solutions to our clients, from helping with ideation to maintaining the finished product. With these expanded services we are able to help our clients meet their business goals faster, with fewer revisions required, and we can better support the products we build. Take a look below to see how fjorge’s expanded portfolio can help you solve your business problems with technology.


A Workshop consists of 1-2 working sessions attended by fjorge technical staff and business experts from your organization. After your session, we generate diagrams and mockups designed to help you describe the look and behavior of your product.

Photo of sticky notes on a poster. The poster says "Problems / Pain Points" and sticky notes say, for example, "Hard to coordinate booking for a group"

During a Workshop, one potential activity is Event Storming

Workshop Sessions are highly interactive and consist of planned activities in which all attendees participate. The specific activities are selected based on your initial vision. We use the session to understand the vision, establish common ground among stakeholders and with target users, identify technical grey areas and then collaboratively design a solution that meets your business needs.

Workshops deliver the equivalent of a blueprint for your technology product. They are perfect for clients pursuing a large build, especially if the plan needs approval or financing from a third party. After a Workshop, there is no obligation to build the product, or even to build it with us. But we think that after a Workshop, you’ll want to!

User Experience Design

We are proud to announce that our portfolio of services now includes design. Within our design department, we consult on user experience (UX) and create user interfaces (UI) for your web projects. UX / UI Design typically occurs prior to development, often alongside Solutions Architecture. Our UX / UI Designers define customer personas and create meaningful user journeys through wireframes and prototypes. And because they work side by side with our developers, questions that arise during development about design choices can be resolved even more quickly than our typical fast turnaround with outside designers.

Photo of slips of paper showing mock mobile app screens, with pushpins and string showing links between views

Prototyping designs before development saves time and ensures a better user experience down the road

UX / UI Design is a component of our Workshop. It can also be purchased a-la-carte for well-defined products that are not yet ready to go into development.

Solutions Architecture

Solutions Architecture is one of the more flexible offerings in our End-to-End Solutions portfolio. In the most typical form of Solutions Architecture, a Solutions Architect tackles the unique business goals for your project and transform them into technical guidelines or requirements. This phase often proceeds alongside the UX / UI Design process, whether designers are internal to fjorge or external partners. The result of Solutions Architecture is a well-defined plan of action for the development of your product that is customized to meet your specific values and needs.

Solutions Architects lead our Workshops and create most of the deliverables for those sessions. Solutions Architecture is also available a-la-carte, which can be especially useful for auditing legacy applications to determine the feasibility and complexity of modification or rebuilding.


Our Development teams consist of project managers, developers, and quality assurance testers. Teams use a milestone-driven development approach to create pixel-perfect, functional code implementing your new website, web app, or mobile application. Prior to Development starting, you’ll receive a scope of work that includes a timeline and budget for your build. These builds generally follow a Solutions Architecture and UX / UI Design phase, although straightforward and well-defined projects can occasionally start Development directly.

Photo of a laptop computer with a code editor open, with two external monitors attached

Development is where the rubber meets the road

We also offer a Continuous Engineering program for products that require ongoing development and frequent releases. Continuous Engineering engagements use an agile approach that generates usable product increments quickly for testing in the marketplace.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services team performs ongoing site management, server maintenance, and systems administration to keep your web-based product up and running smoothly. With a Managed Services plan, you can rest assured that someone is on call, monitoring your site for security breaches and downtime and ready to intervene should anything unexpected occur. You get peace of mind knowing that your online tools are up to date on security patches and functionality. We even include a couple of hours per plan for site or app improvements.

Managed Services plans are available for both CMS-based websites and web apps. They come in three sizes, and we can also create custom plans to fit your particular business needs.

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