So you need a breadcrumbs script? Why not ?

December 9, 2012

We recently had a breadcrumb script request and I thought I’d share what we decided to do. We will do this in javascript so that it is not bound to a specific server.

This is for more basic site layouts and revolved around splicing the window.location.pathname variable.


  • You will need jQuery plugged into your site.
  •  ^ That’s about it.

So first make an empty div that you want to hold the breadcrumbs in and give it an id of breadcrumbs.

Then use this script:


function breadcrumbs()
        var gretel = "";
	var href = window.location.pathname;
	var hansel = href.split("/");
	for (var i=2;i<(hansel.length-1);i++) {
	gretel+=""+hansel[i]+" » ";
	var url =  gretel;

The result will look something like this: Home »  Hansel » Gretel

This is a simple solution for parsing out your URL into breadcrumbs.

-Credit to Kevin Lynn Brown who originally came up with the concept of parsing the url.

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