Celebrating Pride: Our Favorite LGBTQIA+ Tech Communities

June 29, 2021

Happy Pride Month!

fjorge is excited to celebrate Pride Month this year. We were sad to see the Pride Parade would not be happening in the Twin Cities this year, but we are finding alternatives to celebrate. While parades and happy hours are a way to celebrate our LGBTQIA+ team members, having support in the workforce year-round is critical. That is why we wanted to share some of our favorite LGBTQIA+ tech communities.

LGBTQIA+ Tech Communities

Hexagon UX

Hexagon UX supports womxn and non-binary folks through mentorship and events within the UX field. They are worldwide and partnered with some of the largest names in tech. The organization has a Slack channel that is open to all. Hexagon puts great emphasis on the inclusion part of “diversity and inclusion”. Check them out or follow them on Instagram (@hexagonux)!

Queer Tech Club

Primarily focused around Chicago, Queer Tech Club has monthly meetups open to anyone to learn about job openings, pitch new ideas, and get to know each other. Their meetups tend to have around 100 people (so lots of networking opportunities). Queer Tech Club also has a Slack channel open to all! Learn more about them or join their Slack on their website https://queertechclub.com/.

Out in Tech

Out in Tech has over 40,000 members. As a large organization, they host events, chapters, and have opportunities to volunteer. Out in Tech has a Slack channel, Facebook group, and blog that you can subscribe to. Their offerings and support are widespread so definitely check out all that they offer on their website https://outintech.com/.

We Open Tech

Open and encouraging of all genders, We Open Tech is a global organization that welcomes any marginalized identity. They are present on several social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram. Their offerings are also wide including job opportunities and events. Learn more about We Open Tech on their website: https://weopentech.org/.

There are many other communities, organizations, and groups that work to create space and support for LGBTQIA+ people in tech. Almost every group has a code of conduct and it is encouraged to read the code when researching to ensure your values align with the groups. Allies are welcome to join groups as well and it is a great way to learn how to better support your teammates and coworkers. So start joining today and happy pride y’all!

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