Creating a new person in Highrise API

April 7, 2010

Highrise API is run off of REST and is pretty powerful. Here would be an example of how to create a new person to account with the API.

First you need your script to turn the form values into a valid XML format. Then keep that xml in a variable or file.

From there you can run the cURL command like this:

curl -u 605b32dd:X -H ‘Content-Type: application/xml’ \
-d @newperson.xml

The first line here should be easy to understand. The first half is authenticating and the second half is setting the header to XML. But the next line is a bit trickier. The first part is the file that your form values in XML form are located. You can use a variable here too I assume. The url at the end is very important in that it is telling there side of the API to create this new resource with the XML given. There is a different url for almost every different aspect of this API manipulation so to find the right one to use for your circumstance you would be best to look it up in the official documentation.

Once the request has been run you do get a response code back which you can also use logically if needed.

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