E&J Gallo: Some of Our Favorite Builds

June 2, 2020

We work with a wide range of businesses at fjorge. One, in particular, we love working closely with is E&J Gallo, a winery and distributor located in Modesto, California. fjorge works with E&J Gallo to meet their development needs ranging from design to backend, and frontend work, as well as eCommerce. Our team at fjorge has a few fan favorites featured down below.


Screenshot of Storypoint Wines website, hand holding bottle of wine pouring into glass

Storypoint Wines- Where Style meets substance

Storypoint is a robust Drupal 8 build. Aside from being bright and visually appealing on the frontend, Storypoint is designed to have a marketer-friendly backend. This includes having a layout builder, as well as a few other modules to create a custom backend for the Gallo team that is easy to use and navigate. Storypoint is special to our team because the designs were done by one of our in-house team members, Biz Cook. It was the first time fjorge had gone through the end to end process with E&J Gallo to design, build, and launch a website. Storypoint is serving as a successful pioneer marketing-friendly website for the team moving forward.

Check out Storypoint’s Website



Screenshot of Ember wines homepage. Rustic color with "remember the moments" in the middle of the page against a background of someone pouring wine into a glass.

Ember Wines “Remember The Moments”

With the successful Storypoint template in place, we were able to maximize our code re-use to build Ember.com. Ember was built with a similar structure and functionality to Storypoint but has its own unique look and feel. It is a Drupal and Angular site, with one of its key features being the fact that pages can be previewed before publishing, an issue fjorge had remedied through custom code. Ember was also designed by Biz, who has a developer background, making the entire process very smooth, and fast from start to finish. Since the launch of Ember, we are currently in the process of building more Gallo websites set to launch later this year, keeping Biz as our lead UI/UX designer.

Check out Ember’s Website


J Vineyards

Screenshot of J Vineyards website homepage. "Let life bubble over" in white text in the middle of the page against a blurry green background with a champagne flute

J Vineyards & winery- “Let life bubble over”

J Vineyards is a fjorge-favorite for being very visually appealing. Designed by an external agency, Knock, fjorge was able to collaborate with them and build out J Vineyards using headless Drupal, as well as Angular frontend. fjorge was faced with the challenge of working within a proprietary module while having to add eCommerce functionality. This was the first time fjorge did full eCommerce for E&J Gallo and used its in-house eCommerce platform. fjorge did custom work to meet styling and functionality needs for J Vineyards.

Check out J Vineyards’ Website


High Noon

Screenshot of High Noon Sun Sips website homepage, "things just got real" in white on the center of the page with girl in sunglasses and sunhat on the beach holding a can of high noon

High Noon Sun Sips “Things just got real”

High Noon was built with a modular approach, using designs from E&J Gallo’s internal design team. One challenge fjorge faced with this build was a tight timeline. High Noon was going to market and needed a website fast, causing this to be one of our quicker builds. Because of the tight timeline, High Noon was built so more features could be easily added down the line.

Check out High Noon’s Website



Apothic Wine's webpage homepage. "there's mischief in the making" in white text with hazy blueish purple background and someone holding the top of a wine bottle and the cork is being unscrewed

Apothic Wine “there’s mischief in the making” From rich red blends, to an intriguing White and Rose with dark secrets, Apothic makes wines that are anything but ordinary

Similar to High Noon and J Vineyards, Apothic is a headless Drupal build mixed with Angular. Since this is not the first Drupal/Angular site fjorge has built, the team was able to turn it around quite quickly to maximize code re-use across a portfolio of E&J Gallo sites that share similar structures and functionalities. With agency design collaboration from 160over90, fjorge was able to build a site that not only meets all the functional requirements but also captures the true look and feel of the brand.

Check out Apothic’s Website


Our team is proud of the work we have done thus far, as well as thankful for smooth collaboration from E&J Gallo’s team. We are excited to keep on building great things together. If you would like to learn more about our work, or have any specific questions pertaining to UI/UX, frontend, backend, or eCommerce, please contact us.

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