Employee Spotlight: Brian LaCrosse

October 11, 2019

Our first fjorge Employee Spotlight is on Brian LaCrosse. Brian has recently joined the Sales & Marketing team as a Solutions Designer after a three-year run as our Director of Operations. Brian has been with fjorge since 2012, and he is excited to continue to be a part of our growth.

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Brian: Hi, I’m Brian LaCrosse. I’ve worked at fjorge since late in 2012. I did grow up in the Minneapolis area, but I’ve lived in Chicago for the last eight years. It’s been a lot of fun.

Now I’m taking on a role as Solutions Designer.

I think one of the exciting things for fjorge, and for me, is, as we start to work with more clients, and work on bigger projects and more projects. I’m really looking forward in the Solutions Designer Role, to get to work with a lot of new and different technologies, work with new clients, on new problems — and help solve them.

A really interesting project was working with a local Minneapolis company building a configurator tool to help them and their clients figure out how best to use two different versions of their technology. What made it really interesting was, we were working fairly in depth with the engineering department of the company to figure out how best to present and walk a client through how to decide what product to buy.

And in that effort, I had to go back and kind of dust off some old skills as a mechanical engineer, which I was as an undergrad, and really get into some different things I hadn’t seen in a while and turn that into a web-based application. It was really interesting. It was a really good opportunity for me to get into that Curiosity/Quest for Knowledge core value that we’ve always had here at fjorge.

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