fjorge Design Process: Empathy Mapping

August 27, 2020

After user personas have been identified, the next step fjorge takes in its design process is empathy mapping for some of the primary personas. An empathy map is made to further our understanding of a user persona. Even if we may never fully understand, we want to be able to hear and learn about the emotions of the user. 

What is an empathy map? 

An empathy map contains four major aspects about a user. All questions are focused on when the user is interacting with the product. 

  1. What might they say? 
  2. What might they think?
  3. What might they do? 
  4. How might they feel? 

A typical empathy map follows this structure. 

Why use an empathy map? 

Empathy maps are a great addition to add to the understanding of a persona. As given in its name, it is meant to instill empathy in the creators of the product for the user. Empathy maps are always helpful, but especially necessary for when a user is someone who we cannot relate to well. For example, as an early twenty-year-old female, it is hard for me to relate to the life of a middle-aged male. Creating an empathy map gives me (or whoever is working on developing the product) the opportunity to listen and learn leading to a deeper understanding of the user. 


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