Getting your Google Base Items to be listed in main comparisons

March 24, 2010

I have recently been listing items for sale onto Google Base through XML Feed created by a custom PHP script. There was an issue that I was having trouble fixing however. All my items were at the bottom of search results. Many items that were not even the same thing being searched for were being listed before mine. Meanwhile the number 1 item listed was usually a grand comparison of major sellers displaying their price for it. From there you can filter the results. My goal was to list my electronic goods right next to Best Buy or Newegg and have a better price.

After searching the internet for the answer I got no where. From there I had hunch it had to be based on some sort of identifier that groups all of these together. With this idea in mind I found some Google documentation on adding what’s called a GTIN, basically a unique identifier for a certain product. This can be UPC, ISBN, SKU among others.  I eventually added a <g:upc></g:upc> tag to my feed and the next day I was right with the big boys. The difference in traffic is absolutely tremendous and has transferred into a big sales jump.

The GTIN is not required. But you should add this for your benefit.

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