How Can I Make a Div Slider that is iPad Friendly?

January 8, 2012

There are a lot of sliders that can cycle through content that will work on the iPhone.  Many of these being powered by some kind of jQuery plugin.  However, I only found one that will actually include the functionality for the iPad to be able to use it’s swipe based interface. (click and drag to see more content)

Here is a link to the jQuery Simple iPhone-Slide plugin.  It has an excellent tutorial for such an awesome plugin.

After including all the needed files, setting up the slider was as easy as the following function.  This is what I used for initialization:

$(document).ready(function() {

		handler: "#slidePaging",
		pageHandler: ".slidePage",
		nextPageHandler : '.nextPage',
		prevPageHandler : '.prevPage',
		autoPlayTime: 9000,
		bounce: false,
                autoPlay: false,
		pager: {
	        pagerType: "dot",
	        selectorName: ".banner_pager",
	        childrenOnClass: "on",
	        slideToAnimated: true
		autoCreatePager: true,
                onShiftComplete: function(elem, page) {

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