How Do I Get Super Cool Animations While Scrolling?

November 30, 2012

Sites are pretty predictable, there’s usually a header, footer, content… basic things in a page design. If the content is long enough, you already have the user providing a scrolling action, so why not create an interactive environment and have animations that are attached to your scroll bar?

Recently we started developing a site that required a high degree of user interactivity.  Butterflys flying around, planes going across the screen, overall it’s a giant play environment.  In attempt to accomplish this idea, I ran across this plugin so I could make these animations occur at certain parts of the timeline.  For me, this has been simply the best library for animations I have used ever and plan to use it again.

Overall, if it’s done in a reserved and tasteful manner, it can make the user more excited about what they are reading and give them a memorable experience of your site.  Over using it might just scare them away, or even distract them from what they were trying to do.

So why use it?
They provided some pretty sound logic:

Great performance, ease-of-use, expandability and basically because it is awesome.

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