How do I manually jump to a specific slide in Flexslider?

June 25, 2014

This is such a quick fix, yet very few places on the internet seem to know the 4 lined solution to this problem. If you are using the FlexSlider plugin, you may come across the scenario where you need to jump to a specific slide – no animations attatched. Just a good old fashioned goTo action.  I found that while my other search terms failed, looking for changing the flexslider settings after initialization had something to it.

This is how i initialized my flexslider:

	animation: "slide",
	slideshow: false,
[cta id=’1682′]

Later in the code when i wanted to jump to a slide:

var slider = $('#whyslider').data('flexslider');
var animationSpeed = slider.vars.animationSpeed; 	//save animation speed to reset later
slider.vars.animationSpeed = 0;
slider.flexAnimate(3); 					//position index for desired slide goes here
slider.vars.animationSpeed = animationSpeed;


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