How to Integrate Zendesk with WordPress

July 26, 2012

Zendesk is a fully-featured support tool, featuring support tickets, live chat, email messaging, and all the other things you need for supporting your business.

If you want the ultimate user experience, though, you don’t want to send your users away from your website, like, ever. Fortunately, Zendesk has made it possible to integrate your Zendesk account with WordPress.

The Zendesk and WordPress logins become one, once you install the plugin. And this means that you can easily manage both in one place: the administrative back-end. Zendesk’s WordPress plugin also makes the comments left on your pages and posts into support tickets, allowing for you to follow up personally with users. These thorough integrations make the plugin a no-brainer. That is, if you have a WordPress website…

Convinced? The installation of the plugin is extremely easy. Just go to your Administrator Panel in WordPress, then Plugins, and “Add New” Simply search for Zendesk and click “Install Now” when you’ve selected the correct plugin. After installation, you will need to add a few tidbits of information, such as your Zendesk login and unique login page.

Now that you have it installed, go to the Zendesk panel in your WordPress and note that Zendesk will create a div on the page you wish (or on all pages). By default, it will generate a floating (absolute positioned) “support” tab on your website. This can be formatted with the zendesk.css file inside the plugins directory.

Now if you want a more customized solution, you can use this code to include it on your page.

<?php if ( function_exists( 'the_zendesk_dropbox' ) ) the_zendesk_dropbox(); ?>

Or you can be more sophisticated and use their API to generate a JavaScript:

<script type="text/javascript">
 if (typeof(Zenbox) !== "undefined") {
	      dropboxID:   "12345678",
	      url:         "",
	      tabID:       "Support",
	      tabColor:    "black",
	      tabPosition: "Left"

The rest is mere styling, because integrating Zendesk with WordPress is so easy to do!

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