Kohana Validation Messages

October 27, 2012

In Kohana, you are able to add validation rules to a model. This is truly awesome, BUT displaying the validation error is not so automatic out of the box.

In your model you can set up rules like:

public function rules()
	return array(
		'username' => array(

If this is all you have and username is submitted as empty, kohana will throw an ugly exception “Failed to validate array”. What we need to do is set up a message to show if this situation ever happens. If your model is “user” create the file “user.php” in /application/messages. In that file set the messages:

return array
     'username' => 'You submitted an empty username. Please fill it in.'

Then, before you are about to save username to a user model:

$user->username = $username_submitted;
   foreach($user->validation()->errors('user') as $error)
	echo $error;

Hopefully Kohana will include better, prettier, and automatic validation layers in future releases but in the current, it’s not too bad.

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