Managing Large Numbers of Assets for Web Properties

June 4, 2019

At fjorge, we build and maintain large websites and web applications. When large organizations share assets it can be a daunting task to organize them all and keep them updated and on brand standards over time. When that happens, fjorge utilizes Bynder’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform to help keep everything well organized and distributed consistently.

Digital asset management offers an effective solution for enterprises to store, organize, find, retrieve, and share digital content.

How fjorge uses Bynder

Here at fjorge, we provide technical expertise for a number of clients in a wide range of industries. With that comes the need to manage each client’s brand when building their websites, integrating their web and mobile applications, as well as maintaining them. With some clients having thousands of digital assets, Bynder allows our team to easily access assets in one place to keep our internal workflow running fast and smooth. Additionally, the option to integrate a DAM into clients’ CMS alleviates common pain points across assets. The integration works by allowing users to grab assets directly from the DAM without downloading and uploading.

In addition, when a client has multiple web platforms that utilize the same assets fjorge has integrated Bynder to allow a single source of truth for each asset is live on all properties using their available API.

fjorge builds trust among our clients by delivering results and jumping through any roadblocks. Our partnership with Bynder allows us to not have to worry about minor details such as finding logos, images, etc. and allows us to focus on bigger and more technical issues.

What is Bynder?

Bynder is the fastest growing cloud-based digital asset management service for marketing professionals looking to simplify the management of their digital content. Teams can find the right files 24/7 with cloud storage and sharing, collaborate with real-time edits and approvals, and distribute with auto-formatting for a variety of channels and file types. Brands using Bynder have the convenience of one central hub for all brand operations and digital content. Known for its UX and usability, best-in-class customer service and fresh ideas, Bynder is the recognized leader on the global market.

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