My Browser Crisis

April 12, 2010

Firefox has always been Omega in my book. I’ve spent most of my life on a Firefox Missionary for all the IE users who didn’t know better. But recently I feel dirty. Deep down I am questioning my alignment. I start looking at my task manager and see Firefox spitting in my face with all the memory its taking. My Firefox was taking over 500M of memory and that was unacceptable to me. Why should the most common computer program, a browser, be running so inefficiently after this many years of tuning. I fought back with tweaks in the browser config, limiting it’s consumption. And like a fight with an ex-girlfriend, it said “Fine, if that’s the way you want it”. Browsing is painfully slow now. I’m hurt and feel betrayed.

Then the voice in my head asks “What else is out there?”. I’ve been hearing more and more good things about Chrome and recently heard the Web Developer plugin is available on that platform now as well. I would love to see some fast Javscript rendering too. And then I thought I would have never thought before: “What about IE?”.

I am conflicted to say the least. I got myself a copy of Chrome. My computer is running it like its a DOS Program. And if Chrome displays the same as Firefox why shouldn’t I set it as default. Well for now it’s because I am a loyalist to Mozilla but at this rate, change may be on the way.

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