How do I Successfully Kick Off a Website Project

March 29, 2015

An important part of how to launch a successful website is to run an efficient and effective kick off meeting.  The following article outlines how to effectively kick off a website project.

  1. Project Overview
    The project’s lead should give a description of the overall project.  The purpose of this overview is to connect each individual’s understanding of the project and create a common vision for the end of the project.
  2. Introductions and Role Definition
    The project lead should include in the kickoff document a list of people one the project and their roles.  During the meeting, each individual introduces themselves with the project lead filling in any missing pieces of information.
  3. Project Risks
    Bringing up risks to the project can be an open ended discussion.  This is best handled toward the end of the meeting and should be a set block of time, not open-ended.  A brief brainstorming can bring a list of issues which can then be prioritized and discussed.An aid to identifying technical risks to launching a successful website, we’ve prepared a guide which contains a list of questions which should be answered at the outset of a project.
  4. Project Scope
    The project lead should run through the project’s scope to create a clear understanding of what completing the project looks like.  It is important for this discussion to be about things that are in scope with the assumption that anything not discussed and not in the scope document is out of scope.
  5. Project Budget
    Project budget should be discussed and compared to other projects of similar size.  The purpose of this discussion is to set the tone for the project risks discussion.
  6. Project Plan and Timeline
    The project timeline should be laid out and key checkpoints defined.  The project lead should also schedule the project status and project checkpoint meetings during this meeting.
  7. Success Factors
    Outlining the critical success factors of the project should be used to set the tone for project vision

Kick off meetings are just the first step in building a successful web property.  If you’re interested in learning more about the whole process, feel free to contact fjorge.

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