The Power of Progressive Web Apps

May 19, 2020

“Let’s build an app”, or maybe a progressive web app? What exactly is a progressive web app and how does it differ from what you would find in an iOS or Android app store? 

In short, progressive web apps are application software delivered through websites that perform like native mobile apps. PWAs are built using common coding languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. In terms of pros and cons, PWAs tend to be more cost-effective, however, they are limited in terms of offline usage and certain integrations. Our Solutions Designer, Tom provides a more in-depth look at PWAs. 

Overall, progressive web apps are on the rise. Users and developers are starting to see their value as time goes on, and both Android and iOS are seeing updates that enhance the power of progressive web apps. Knowing what PWAs are and the value they hold can be very beneficial for the next time you find yourself deciding whether or not you should “build an app.”


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