How do Website Maintenance Plans Help You?

May 11, 2016

You’re responsible for a website – as well as 54 other things on a daily basis. You may have heard of our Website Maintenance Plan, but are wondering how it can help you on a daily basis? We’ve broken out some common scenarios below:

You Get Hacked

Sites get hacked everyday – over 100,000 sites were compromised in December of 2014 due to a vulnerability in a plugin. Having your site hacked is not only a traumatic event – your site could end up serving malware to your visitors, receive negative press, or face penalties from Google, which will hurt both your search rankings and your reputation. Fixing the site will require expert developers and sysadmins, who will need to spend hours cleaning everything up, and hoping that they found everything.

How fjorge’s Website Maintenance Plans help

Thanks to our developers, we are able to take action immediately, and get the site back to a secure, safe, and trustworthy state, and hosted in our enviroment. Additionally, sites on our maintenance plans are much less likely to be hacked in the first place, due to the maintenance plan resulting in security fixes being immediately applied. Our deep knowledge of CMS systems, system administration, and hosting allows us to solve the issue and ensure the hacker’s trail is closed up.


Your Site is Out of Date

Of the sites that get hacked, over 70% are due to out-of-date plugins or frameworks. Timely software updates are the most important security activity you can do – once a plugin is known to be vulnerable, the hacking of sites with that plugin can be automated. Running the most up-to-date versions of your plugins and frameworks will help prevent these types of attacks. However, this can be a daunting process, and there is always a question of “Will this update break my site?”

How fjorge’s Website Maintenance Plans help

Simply, we make sure your site is up to date, always. However, it is more than just having someone contstantly refreshing the update screens – we throughly test each update, to ensure your site says active and bug-free. We also are monitoring the various security resources that alert us to a new patch or vulnerability, preventing attacks before they start.


You need changes to something on your site

You just moved your offices , and your developer thinks it will be 10 hours to update the address in the footer. You have changed your service offerings, but can’t remember how to make those updates on the site. Website are in a constant state of flux, and getting these updates done can take time and resources that aren’t budgeted for – do you prioritize them now, or leave the site out of date until you make a bigger refresh, potentially presenting out-of-date info to your visitors.

How fjorge’s Website Maintenance Plans help

All of our maintenance plans have additional time, to be used at your discretion, for changes to the site. This means that content can be added quickly, a logo can be swapped out, or services can be aligned to match what you are selling.

The overarching goal of our Website Maintenance Plans is to make you feel better about your website. Whether it is dealing with a hacked website quickly, or keeping your data safe and backed-up, fjorge is here to help.

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