What Do I Include In A Software Engineer Review

June 6, 2023

A software engineer review should include several important components to ensure that both the manager and the engineer benefit. To start, technical skills are essential to evaluate in any software engineer review. This includes assessing their knowledge of programming languages, computing platforms, coding standards, databases or other development tools.

Communication is another key element that should be addressed during a software engineer review. The ability to communicate ideas, solutions, and progress effectively with both colleagues and the engineering team is essential in any software engineering role. Furthermore, managers should consider the professional growth opportunities available to the engineer during the review process. This could include providing feedback on their current skill set, or discussing potential training that would benefit their development.

A comprehensive software engineer review should also consider the career path of the individual. Where do they want to be in five years? What goals have been set and what steps are being taken to reach them? The manager should use this opportunity to provide guidance on how best to progress along their desired path.

Finally, it is important for software engineer reviews to consider both the needs of the manager and those of the engineer. Managers should take into account feedback from other team members, while also providing constructive criticism to help their employee grow professionally. At the same time, engineers should feel comfortable expressing their own goals and ambitions in order to create a productive working relationship with their manager.

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