What’s the best WordPress SEO Plugin?

November 30, 2012

Being someone who takes SEO very seriously, I’m always delighted when I come across a plugin that appears to give me some control over my SEO.


SEO shopping can be tiring and annoying. So I’ve decided to share with you my recently generated appreciation for the WordPress SEO Plugin – by Yoast.


I’ve found this plugin to be very extensive. It gives features for a depth of development experience.


First features are pretty straight forward, defining meta tags for your title, description ect. But then you can do things like select a keyword you are intending to focus in on. Doing this activates the SEO Page Analysis, which will give you simple advice on your pages shortcomings for SEO.

There is also an SEO health meter on your pages screen, after you install.
This gives you a quick indicator on where your site may have SEO weaknesses. Having feedback on things like this is incredibly important, so I always am relieved when I see a plugin that gives such extensive feedback.

They also will show you a snippet of how your site will appear on Google Search Pages. Again this is important to insure interest from users.

And just when you thought there could be no more awesome things to throw into a plugin, flip over to their social media tweaking. Yes you can change how your page is viewed to Facebook.


I’ve used a few WordPress SEO plugins but this one tops them all.

Big props to Yoast, this is a great plugin and I strongly recommend.

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