Lone Fir Creative – How to add value using the Hubspot platform

guest: Tyler Pigott

Today on the show Joe speaks with Tyler Pigott, the founder of Lone Fir Creative on the Mind Your Own Marketing Business Podcast. He discussed his background, how he grew his agency, and what makes his agency different from others.


Pigott’s entrepreneurial journey began when he started a DJ company in high school. He then worked at a broadcast studio and got involved in animation projects. He also worked for an investment company that launched consumer products.  During the show Joe and Tyler jump into the top of Hubspot which Lone Fir uses to help clients achieve their Marketing goals.   Both Joe and Pigott talk about how they are fans of the platform and how it now can be a great tool for business of all sizes.   The dive into the singular database, user experience, and ease of use as major advantages..

Episode Transcript


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