VES Creative: Focusing on Being More Authentic as a Brand

guest: Mark Nadolski, Founder
company: VES Creative

Tim Barsness speaks with Mark Nadolski founder of VES Creative. They are a branding agency that specifically works with video to create passionate projects that work to tell a story. They work exclusively with clients that seek to grow exponentially through a low number of very high value leads and prospects. Unfortunately, branding isn’t easy to quantify. Branding fundamentally is the personification of a product or service. It is character. It is relatable, emotional- human. It is easy to discover the human connection in a Business to Consumer brand. But B2B branding doesn’t often feel “human”, which doesn’t make logical sense because any transaction even in the business world is still done between people. Tim and Mark talk about how content is so important to display a brands passion and perception. Focusing on being more authentic as a brand.

Episode Transcript
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