A Rundown of EOS®

January 26, 2021

Like so many others, fjorge is a company that runs on EOS®, The Entrepreneurial Operating System®. The fjorge team started our first L10 meetings back in 2013 and since then have scaled our EOS® implementation to keep pace with the company’s growth.

Is your team using EOS®?

Do you have quarterly Rocks that need attention? How about a pdf of your V/TO™ in your email archive from the last quarterly? Do you have a copy of “Traction”—or any of the orange-covered books—on your shelf? It’s remarkable how many habits and other eccentricities we adopt along the way. We’ve believe these practices can also strengthen our project partnerships as we connect with EOS® practitioners outside of our own organization.

Why work with a software development firm using EOS®?

Imagine walking into a pitch meeting with a software partner that understands not just the RFP on the table, but also shares a sense of the internal drivers at your agency. Would that shared sense improve the pitch? Give deeper meaning to the subtle glances when the prospect reveals their hand? Prompt discussion if the client wants to deviate from your agency’s proven process?

Imagine having a quick reconnect call with the Account Director at your software partner. Would sharing your latest quarterly or 1-year goals reveal an opportunity in a shared project? Has your agency updated its Target Market to include prospects that fjorge might be familiar with? Would sharing those V/TO™ details give everyone a better sense of what’s at stake in the coming months?

We value our agency partnerships, and we like to understand the people that we work with. It’s simply more rewarding in so many ways.

How does fjorge benefit from EOS®?


Everyone in the company has a Rock (or several). Aside from maintaining processes and operations, fjorge also has a Capabilities Chart that keeps track of everyone’s experience or familiarity with different technologies and disciplines. Many of our Rocks are involved in training or certification to be prepared for the work that we have on the schedule now, or expect to see in the future.


During any given week, our office has about eight teams with a weekly L10 meeting on the calendar. Aside from leadership and operations teams, we also have L10s for Sales, Project Managers, UI/UX, Solutions Architects, Website Devs, Application Devs, QA, and our highly-specialized Managed Services team. By involving each team and individual, the L10s and Rocks help fjorge maintain our internal momentum.

Quarterly All-Hands Meetings

Bringing it all together! Everyone gets a first-hand update on the V/TO™ as well as past-quarter goals, financials, and other metrics. New team members are introduced, personal events are celebrated, and individual achievements are recognized with awards. A short Q&A is set aside to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Have you found success with EOS® at your agency or with an EOS® partner?

Drop us a note and let us know about your experiences with EOS®. We’d like to discuss how things are going. Maybe we’ll find some common ground and later get a chance to work together.

There’s also a podcast in our archive (listen online, no sub necessary) with fjorge’s Tim Barsness interviewing Jennifer Zick, Founder of Authentic Brand, about Jennifer’s agency success in partnering with, and even specifically targeting, EOS®-driven businesses.

EOS®, The Entrepreneurial Operating System®, and V/TO™ are trademarks of Gino Wickman.

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